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the ICE ID

In Case of Emergency Identification

Custom identification apparel designed to provide peace of mind + save lives in case of emergency

Safe. Secure. Simple. 

Ensuring safety + security with a simple design

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Personalized Medical Alert ID Bracelet

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Who should wear the ICE ID?

We recommend everyone wear medical identificationn apparal, especially people taking certain medications or living with: 

chronic medical conditions: asthma, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), alzheimer's disease, arthritis, diabetes, , asthma, cancer, heart disease, obesity, epilepsy, kidney or liver failure, parkinson's disease, vision or hearing impairment, substance abuse.   

allergies: milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat & gluten, fish, shellfish. 


Durability you can trust for your active life-style. Wear daily and use when engaging outdoor activities and sports without the fear of losing the bracelet. Low maintenance and easy to clean, the bracelet is lightweight and useful anytime. The high-end laser engraving will not fade or lose color.


Keeping your loved ones safe with a simple, comfortable and cool design they actually want to wear. No clasps or buckles. Our silicone band comes in 3 sizes and simply slides onto the wrist, guaranteed to fit.


We created the ICE ID bracelet to provide peace of mind and save lives in case of an emergency. We created this bracelet from premium materials and designed it to be awesome. If you are not 100% satisfied with the medical ID bracelet, we will give you a full refund or free exchange no questions asked.

Our Story

We believe identification is the most important thing you can wear. If you lead an athletic or adventurous lifestyle, have any type of medical condition, have a food or drug allergy or take certain medications, it is highly recommend that you wear a visible form of identification.  The mission is to make visible personal and medical identification the norm for everyone… while looking awesome wearing it!


If you have a loved one whom you worry about needing the assistance but not being able to communicate their information to others GET THIS PRODUCT! My grandmother has Alzheimer's, this bracelet truly relieves me of so much anxiety knowing this product is going to keep her safe. The sellers were so kind and helpful, would definitely buy again&recommend to everyone Thanks for this amazing product!


Absolutely perfect! Wore it for the first time today during my half marathon, and loved it. I bought the ID band because I participate in several OCR events throughout the year, and are injuries are expected to happen. In the event that I become incapacitated, the EMT’s will at least know my name, allergies, health insurance, and emergency contact info. My family will at least be notified.


Got my ICE ID! It looks great and I can't even feel it on my wrist. Thank you! I run on my own a lot and this is a great idea. I think athletes to medical patients can find this beneficial.