How Can Medical ID Bracelets Save Lives?

  • By ICE ID
  • Oct 11, 2022
  • Medical ID Bracelets
How Can Medical ID Bracelets Save Lives?

Physicians and healthcare organizations recommend medical ID bracelets worldwide for people with one or more medical conditions. But how can Medical ID Bracelets help save lives?

Medical alerts and identification bracelets are helpful tools for anyone with allergies, severe conditions, or special needs. If a person has a medical emergency, falls, or other accident, their alert bracelet can alert bystanders and emergency responders to vital information that can be used to assist them.

What Should Your Medical Alert Bracelet Contain?

Medical ID bracelets come in various sizes, so depending on how much information you need to include, you might want to go with a larger one. They are also available in multiple styles, including less flashy medical alert bracelets for men.

Once you’ve found one that you like, it’s time to engrave it with your information. Here are some things to think about including on your medical alert bracelet:

  • First and Last Name – If responders or bystanders can quickly identify you, they can alert authorities or emergency contacts to your situation.
  • Medical Conditions – diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, cardiovascular issues, or any concerns that may interfere with your communication with emergency responders (hard of hearing, nonverbal, blindness, etc.) should be listed on your medical alert bracelet.
  • Current Medications – If you’re taking medications that affect blood flow or other vital processes, such as blood thinners or immunosuppressants, you should list them on your bracelet. This information can help paramedics better understand your situation and avoid harmful drug interactions.
  • Medical Devices – Pacemakers, intrathecal pumps, implantable cardiac defibrillators, and other medical devices that may interfere with emergency treatment.
  • Allergies – Severe or life-threatening reactions to medications or foods.
  • Life-saving medications – For example, if you travel with an Epipen or need one in the event of an allergic reaction. You could engrave something like Carries Epipen or Requires Epipen.
  • In Case of Emergency (ICE) Number – Aside from Call 911, include an emergency contact’s phone number on your medical alert bracelet for any helpful bystanders or medical personnel. It could be your spouse, a parent, a close friend, or even your doctor.
  • Blood Type – If you have a blood condition or disorder, listing it can be helpful in an emergency.
  • Organ Transplants or Organ Removal – Any organ transplant or organ removal procedures you’ve undergone.
  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders – If your doctor has issued you or a loved one a DNR order, make sure it is visible to bystanders and emergency personnel.

I get a lot of compliments on my bracelet, especially when people realize it’s a medical alert bracelet. Thank you once more for your bravery and inspiration. Ruth C, Brooklyn, NY

How to Raise Awareness in Your Community

The most important thing we can all do is become more aware of those who wear Medical ID bracelets and understand what information should be included on the bracelet before an emergency. If you become aware of any medical conditions from your patients, do not hesitate to answer questions about them.

A piece of jewelry cannot often be used for medical purposes, but this is an exception. This concept is brilliant because it encourages the use of vital medical identification, which is critical for saving lives. I support these lovely bracelets to promote the use of medical identification and keep my patients safe. Barry Goldberg, MD, Highland Park IL

Employers, educators, and other organizations should take the time to determine whether anyone in their sphere of influence has a medical condition or is wearing a Medical ID bracelet.

First responders will use the Medical ID bracelets to offer the appropriate care without wasting time or unintentionally exposing a patient to an allergy. Understanding how to properly deal with patients with diverse medical issues in an emergency is a tremendous benefit.

I was vehemently opposed when I was told I needed to wear a medical bracelet. I explained that I was already scarred and didn’t want to walk around with an ugly bracelet that I saw as a neon sign flashing, “Look at her!!” She’s ill! “Your bracelet changed all of that. I’m not wearing a neon sign but rather a beautiful piece of art. Stephanie E, Oklahoma City, OK

Through our relationships, we can continue spreading knowledge and information about Medical ID bracelets. We can support everyone who connects with Medical ID bracelets patients and caregivers by assisting them in maintaining awareness of medical and health concerns.

I adore my medical ID fashion bracelet. It looks fantastic. And the surprised looks I get when people compliment my bracelet and I reveal it’s a medical alert bracelet are worth it. I forget I’m wearing it because it’s so comfortable. Kay M,  Chicago, IL


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