Our Story

Hi! We’re JW & Paul. We created the ICE ID to provide peace of mind + save lives in case of emergency.


The idea originated when JW & Paul took a ski trip to Vermont. While Paul was flying down the mountain as if he were an Olympic athlete, JW (in desperation to keep up) CRASHED hard! Skies went flying and his face was buried in the snow. He was dazed and confused… Intense fear and anxiety overcame him as he felt helpless and in pain. Luckily, the snow patrol guys quickly came to his rescue and there was no serious damage. The rest of the trip was spent drinking hot chocolate at the bar. He realized that spill could have been much worse, especially if he was knocked unconscious and not able to communicate. The idea was born that everyone should be wearing personal and medical identification on them at all times, in case of emergency.


Paul & JW immediately went to work. They found lots of medical identification bracelets for sale but they were all big, clunky, bulky and seemed to with a negative stigma. They didn’t see any bracelets that highlighted medical and emergency contact information in a subtle and cool way. The idea was to come up with an awesome, comfortable, and durable wearable identification that would look great on everyone. They knew if they could solve this more people would be wearing these especially athletes of all ages, people with medical conditions, and aging baby boomers.


If you lead an athletic or adventurous lifestyle, have any type of medical condition, have a food or drug allergy or take certain medication, we highly recommend that you wear a visible form of identification.


Imagine you are riding your bike or going for a morning run and accidently get hurt and knocked unconscious. The ICE ID will allow first responders to obtain vital information such as your name, medical conditions, blood type, and emergency contacts in case you cannot speak for yourself.


Emergency first-responders are trained to look for medical identification around your neck or wrist. A brief description of your personal medical information on your ICE ID ensures that in case of emergency paramedics, ER staff, teachers, coaches, coworkers, fire fighters, police, friends & family can provide you with effective, immediate, and accurate medical care. In addition, first responders will also be able to call your emergency contact so your family and friends know where you are and how you are doing.


3 benefits of wearing and supporting the ICE ID:


  • Freedom & Confidence – by wearing the ICE ID, you will have the freedom and confidence to lead the active + adventurous life-style you love. You are free to do whatever you want, wherever you want and not have to worry about not being able to communicate from an injury or incident during an emergency. Do you like to run, ski, surf, hike, or bike? Accidents do happen but if you are prepared, you can feel a strong sense of safety and security throughout your day…


  • Peace of Mind – you will be able to provide yourself (and loved one’s) peace of mind that your friends and family are safe 24/7. If your dad or mom get lost after an evening walk because of Alzheimer’s, or your sister falls while biking down a steep hill, you will know that the ICE ID will provide vital information to a first-responder that might just save their lives…


the ICE ID can help prevent 1) Misdiagnosis 2) Incorrect drug interaction or treatment which may pose a serious health risk. ICE ID not only informs first responders with your medical condition, it can also provide critical contact information during the emergency. The idea is to keep friends and family connected.


  • Impact on the world – Not only is our goal to save lives, empower people, and provide peace of mind so that people can continue to explore our world, we believe in giving back and donating a % of our profits to charity. With every purchase, YOU are making an impact and difference around the world and supporting many people’s daily lives… now that’s awesome!


We believe identification is the most important thing you can wear whether you have a medical condition, lead an adventurous & active lifestyle, or just in case… and it is our goal to make visible personal and medical identification the norm for everyone to wear every day… and look awesome wearing it!